Borja’s Story

opinion trabajar en Holanda

Sometimes you have to insist to find your job, Borja tried to go to work in the Netherlands in 2018 but, finally, it was not possible. Due to unemployment in Spain, he remembered that desire to work abroad and started looking for offers on InfoJobs.

Borja, applied to the offer and confessed that he was convinced that it would not happen like the last time, he knew it was his time to work in Holland. Here we tell you the story of him.

As Borja well believed, he overcame the interviews and the travel date was approaching. As the day approached, he became more nervous and tells us the following: “I was thinking about the plane and I got nervous, it was the uncertainty of what the future held for me. I come from Gran Canaria and I had never left home ”.

Everything got complicated when, on landing in Holland, his suitcase was lost at the airport. At that moment Borja was feeling really bad, but from our agency we were able to help him with all the necessary documents to solve the problem. Borja is very grateful in this regard.

Once the problem was solved, he was able to concentrate fully on his goals: saving money, gaining independence and, above all, living the experience.

As for the work, he is very happy and describes it as “another world”. He points out the working conditions that he assures us are better than those in Spain in similar jobs. He likes the treatment he gets and the respect for the 3 breaks he has. He considers himself lucky.

Borja lacks rest, he tells us that every week he ends up exhausted, but that his friends propose to visit the cities and he can’t resist. Since he is there, he wants to take the opportunity to get to know as much as possible and immerse himself in Dutch culture.

Finally, Borja highly recommends this experience and says he has no complaints about the salary or treatment. For him it is becoming a beautiful experience with exceptional treatment.

Borja, we want to thank you for your time during the interview and we hope that everything continues to go so well. It is a pleasure to talk to such a positive person who is so eager to enjoy this experience.