One day I was watching TikTok videos with my partner, when we came across videos of people telling their experience of working abroad. The vast majority of the videos recommended working in countries like the Netherlands and this led us to consider the possibility of living a similar experience in countries like Norway, Finland or the Netherlands itself.

After a few days thinking about a possible work experience abroad, we decided to write to several agencies and the team of TENS Holanda were the only ones who answered us. Quickly after sending our resumes, we did an interview and after being selected we bought our flight tickets and went to the Netherlands.

During the interview, our recruitment consultant, Jennifer, explained everything very well and was very transparent about the accommodation. Jennifer told us that there are many types of accommodations, and depending on how the room mates take care of them, you can have a better or worse accommodation,


In any case, if there is a major problem with or in the accommodation, we can always contact the agency’s housing department to move us to another one with better conditions.

I came to the Netherlands with a very basic English level and over time I feel that i’m improving it a lot. On the other hand, my partner has a very good level of English and has set out to learn Dutch.


Today, three months later, I feel completely adapted to the culture of the country. Of course, I admit that I miss the ham and the Spanish gastronomy a lot.

Accommodation, transport and work.

Regarding our accommodation, we are living with 6 Spaniards who have formed a small family. We have a very good relationship, we organize ourselves well with the cleaning tasks and we try to eat together everyday… although when someone goes back to Spain, the rest of the house feels sad.


For transportation I travel by bicycle and if I need to go shopping a little further away, I have companions with cars that bring me closer and in exchange I help them with the costs of gasoline.


About my job: I’ve started doing picking tasks and in short time i’ve reached very good numbers, so my coordinators gave me trainings in different departments of packing, expedition, put away and lift operator.


Regarding my relationship with the team coordinators: they are all very nice, although you always connect better with some than with others, but what they all have in common is that they help you in everything and always will give you good advice.

On my days off I love to exploire cities but i’m waiting for the cold weather to pass so I can really enjoy the roadtrips. Now that the temperatures are very low, I often take the opportunity to go shopping, watch movies and just disconnect.


I really recommend this experience for all those who want to get out of their comfort zone, improve their English, learn to value money and work and want to mature as a person. However, I would like to emphasize that people must really want to work and grow, and not come with the idea to only go out and party here.