Patrick’s Story

Two years ago, Patrick was looking to work in the Netherlands when he discovered TenS Holanda and was very close to leaving. However, the opportunity appeared to him to work in Spain and therefore he decided to refuse this adventure.

More than 700 days later Covid appeared, and sadly, he lost his job. In that instant he remembered the opportunity to work in Holland that he had had about two years ago.

Patrick went to work and contacted us. Yan (recruiting consultant) guided him throughout the process until he went to the Netherlands.

Patrick with two friends.

He tells us that starting this adventure made him dizzy. He says that when you search the internet you will find everything, and he tells us the following: “when I arrived I realized that it is a defamation, from the first minute they told me that the accommodations are simple and usually the room is shared”.

Patrick never thought that he was promised a paradise, he assures that the agency has proposed some conditions, has accepted them and now he is happy to work there and feels supported. Especially with Yan, whom he describes as someone who is always ready to help you.

To show us this support from the agency, Patrick told us about an experience he lived shortly after his arrival.

When he arrived in the Netherlands, they gave him a bicycle so he could ride around. Patrick took the opportunity to take a walk with a friend of his and try it out. On the way, Patrick, who is 1.96 meters tall, was uncomfortable on the bike and called to change it.

After 15 minutes the bike delivery man came to give him one that best suited his height. But bad luck was about to put a strain on Patrick, when shortly after getting on this bike, the chain came loose. She called again to have his bike fixed and, in just 15 minutes, they were with him to fix his bike.

Patrick's bike

This fast and efficient service pleasantly surprised him.

On the other hand, he also highlighted his stay during the mandatory quarantine for all those who go to the Netherlands. He describes the house as a spacious and beautiful place, also as there were many Spaniards it was a lot of fun.

The agency provides a basic food package for each worker during the quarantine. He confirms that although it is a basic package, two weeks later he still had some unopened products. In addition, Patrick points out that they offered a vegetarian pack to one of his partners to fit his diet.

Finally, Patrick told us about the job. He tells us that the atmosphere is very pleasant, has fixed hours and a guaranteed minimum number of hours. At first the coaches taught him to work, and already on the second day they congratulated him for working at the same pace as the others.

Patrick tells us the following about his superiors: “Rare is the day when my bosses don’t tell me something positive, I have no room for more compliments”.

Patrick is increasingly convinced that he has found his place and wants to stay there and live.

At TenS Holanda, we want to thank you for your kindness during the interview and we hope you continue to achieve your goals.

Patrick's room during quarantine