Valerie’s Story

Opinion trabajar en Holanda con una ETT

I am from Tenerife, I have lived there for many years. My nephew was in Holland working.

He needed to work, so I packed my suitcase and went to Holland in search of opportunities. Now I have two months and here I tell you my experience.

I was a bit scared, I did not leave, because there is no end, it is normal, but I have taken confidence to face the adventure.

The selection process was quite fast, I checked in the Netherlands and they beat me to get to the office.

Once they took me home.

I don’t work, I’m super happy, they explained me well and I fit in perfectly. They explain to you with so much love, that you learn quickly and are super friends.


Opinion trabajar en Holanda con una ETT

There is so much work, that there isn’t much time. I work 5 days a week and it’s tiring. Você walks a lot, more eu gusto.

I’ve been a garçonete, I’ve worked 12 hours a day and it’s a piece of bolus.

On lazy days, I took the opportunity to rest, do housework and go downtown to shop and take a walk.

I am very cold on my bike in winter and it gives me stomach ache, now I will ask to change company with another closer one. I like the bike, but not the winter.

Finally, I would like to recommend this experience to anyone looking for a job opportunity with a good salary.