La storia di Veronica.

Opinion trabajo Holanda

Coming from Uruguay, our candidate today, Verónica, a woman full of energy, undertook her adventure with TenS Holland with a very clear objective: to improve her quality of life.

So it is more than two months since Veronica started her new life in the Netherlands. From the first moment, our international recruiter Elena, advised her and accompanied her throughout the process. “Elena is a genius,” says Veronica.


Why the Netherlands? Fate put this place in the way and grabbed it. Elena gave him the just arguments she needed to dive headlong into the unknown and open a new chapter in her life.

At the beginning it was difficult, at the end of the day it is a very different
culture from ours and the culture shock is evident. She tells us how she spends her days with the translator in hand, something that for many is tiring, she defines it as “fun”. And it is that, “you come to join and adapt.” 

On the other hand, she especially notes the dismissive treatment regarding transportation. It is certainly something that we must solve.


However, despite many of the obstacles that stood in her way, she did not give up and followed the advice of our colleague Elena, who has become very supportive.

Opinion trabajo Holanda

Not being happy with her accommodation, she chose to move in together with three other colleagues whom she met for being “questionable” and now, as she tells us, she is “happy”. And it is that Verónica has it very clear: “people to complain there are everywhere, one has to adapt, it is part of life”.

When it comes to her work, she loves going to work. There is a great atmosphere where everyone respects each equally.

On the other hand, as a sociable and mischievous person that she is, she has not had any difficulties when it comes to making friends and meeting people. In addition, she likes to frequent a bar near her old residence, which is attended by many young people of different nationalities and where she can have a good time.

In spite of her missing her family, the food and her beloved “mate”, she does not consider returning to her country. “I am living in a beautiful way, here the people are polite, friendly, they help you and you know that you can go quietly down the street at any time.”

She appreciates the opportunity that we give to all people, especially the not so young, to be able to develop professionally, something very difficult in these times.

Her plan in life is that there is no plan.

Verónica, we greatly appreciate the time you have dedicated to telling us about your adventure. We wish you the best in your new life there. You are an inspiration!


And you? Would you like to live a similar experience? We will be delighted to welcome you so you can enjoy the same opportunity as Verónica. Do not wait more!