A história de Braian

Opinion trabajar en Holanda en ETT

Braian’s adventure did not begin by chance, his sister has been working with T&S Holanda for a year and was the one who recommended that he live an experience like the one she was enjoying.

At that time, Braian applied for one of our offers through the website from which you are reading this blog.

The protagonist of this story tells us that the process was very fast and in just two weeks she was already in the Netherlands with work and accommodation.

Braian, a Colombian, admits that at first he had fears and doubts. He does not tell the following: “I had nerves and doubts, it is a new country where Spanish is not spoken. Think that I am Colombian and I have already experienced the change from Colombia to Spain and it was easy because of the language. This was a challenge.

His goal in the Netherlands is to save money to pay for his university degree in Fine Arts. As Braian tells, the cost of the materials used in this race is high.

Opinion trabajar en Holanda en ETT

In pursuit of this goal, he decided to leave during peak work season, where he knew he would be working long hours and would be able to save. After a month working there, she has realized that she is comfortable and wants to continue longer than she had planned.

At work, she highlights the friendliness of her colleagues and the heavy workload she has. He tells us the following: “The fact of having so much work makes you socialize with the person next to you because you are not going to be silent for 9 hours. You are interested in the other person and you get to know the most human side of your colleagues.”

Lastly, we talked about what he did on a day off. Braian told us that he takes the opportunity to do housework and above all, rest. Although the work is simple, he is very tired. He admits to us that during breaks from work is when the time of his life goes by faster.

We want to thank Braian for the time he has dedicated to us and we sincerely hope that his experience continues to be satisfactory and that he achieves all his goals.