Carolina´s Story

Sometimes happiness is found in the least expected place and in the least indicated place. And, if not, tell that to Carolina. Native from Venezuela and with a family formed, she had to leave her life and start a new adventure in the Netherlands.

Although tears fell from her eyes as she said goodbye to what had been her life for so many years, a new story began to write in her most precious diary. A new life with her son Luis Miguel and her husband was about to begin thousands of kilometers away.

Luis Miguel, who had started this trip a few months earlier, recommended TenS Holanda to find a job as soon as possible and in good condition.
Contacting our offices, in just a week she got a job. A year and a half later, Carolina is still as happy as that day when she started her new adventure as a logistics operator. She is grateful for the treatment and care of her colleagues at TenS Holanda and for the work environment in which she has met many colleagues and has raised her small family at work.

In a few days she will go on holidays to the Canary Islands because she misses the sun and her tanned skin, she says.

Happiness, even though she only thought she was in her homeland, has returned to her life, in the best possible way. Her own home surrounded by her family, has made her feel happy today and this transitory state of mind has become a lifestyle, making the Netherlands her life.