Vístor’s Story

Victor’s story comes from far away, specifically, from the Philippines. Victor returned from the Philippine Islands to Spain and after a month he realized that what he needed the most was to go out again and discover the world by working abroad.

On the Internet he found our job offer and got to work, he wanted to go to the Netherlands. As for the selection process, he tells us that it was all simple, fast and clear.

On his arrival in Holland the weather was shocking, since coming from a country like the Philippines with a temperature of 40º, he did not expect to find himself in Eindhoven at -11º. At the airport he was alone and he had doubts and some fears invaded him, but once they picked him up, took him to the offices and showed him the accommodation, he relaxed.

Now several months later, Victor is very happy and hopes to achieve his goal of returning to the Philippines with his partner to the house they are building there. He believes that within a year they can achieve it.

As for the workplace, he is very happy. His means of transportation is an electric bike and he is delighted. He tells us that there is a very good relationship between colleagues and even in summer they make meetings in ice cream parlors and pizzerias at the end of the working day.

Surprisingly, Victor tells us that he is very comfortable in the new accommodations we have built, but that he misses the previous ones in Job houses. He is passionate about nature and in those accommodations he was closer to her.

We want to thank you Víctor for the time you dedicated to the interview and we are very happy that he is happy there. You are a very nice person and we want you to be able to achieve all your goals.