La storia di Valeria

Opinion trabajar en Holanda con una ETT

Vengo da Tenerife, moresco da molti anni. Mio nipote era in Olanda a lavorare.

Avevo bisogno di lavorare, così ho iniziato a lavorare male e sono andato nei Paesi Bassi in cerca di opportunità. Ora ho due mesi e qui ho la mia esperienza.

Ero un po’ spaventato, non sono partito, perché non c’è fine è normale, ma ho preso fiducia per affrontare l’avventura.

Il processo di selezione è stato abbastanza veloce, ho controllato nei Paesi Bassi e mi hanno picchiato per arrivare al ufficio.

Una volta mi portarono a casa.

Non lavoro, sono super felice, mi hanno spiegato bene e mi sono adattato perfettamente. Ti spiegano con tanto amore, che impari velocemente e sei super amico.


Opinion trabajar en Holanda con una ETT

C’è così tanto lavoro, che non c’è tempo per molto. Lavoro 5 giorni a settimana ed è stancante. Você cammina molto, più eu gusto.

Sono stato un garçonete, ho lavorato 12 ore al giorno ed è un pezzo di bolo.

Nei giorni pigri, ne approfittavo per riposarmi, fare i lavori domestici e andare in centro a fare acquisti e fare una passeggiata.

Ho molto freddo in bici in inverno e mi dà mal di pancia, ora chiederò di cambiare compagnia con un’altra più vicina. Mi piace la moto, ma non l’inverno.

Infine, vorrei consigliare questa esperienza a tutti coloro che cercano un’opportunità di lavoro con un buon stipendio.


La storia di Braian

Opinion trabajar en Holanda en ETT

Braian’s adventure did not begin by chance, his sister has been working with T&S Holanda for a year and was the one who recommended that he live an experience like the one she was enjoying.

At that time, Braian applied for one of our offers through the website from which you are reading this blog.

The protagonist of this story tells us that the process was very fast and in just two weeks she was already in the Netherlands with work and accommodation.

Braian, a Colombian, admits that at first he had fears and doubts. He does not tell the following: “I had nerves and doubts, it is a new country where Spanish is not spoken. Think that I am Colombian and I have already experienced the change from Colombia to Spain and it was easy because of the language. This was a challenge.

His goal in the Netherlands is to save money to pay for his university degree in Fine Arts. As Braian tells, the cost of the materials used in this race is high.

Opinion trabajar en Holanda en ETT

In pursuit of this goal, he decided to leave during peak work season, where he knew he would be working long hours and would be able to save. After a month working there, she has realized that she is comfortable and wants to continue longer than she had planned.

At work, she highlights the friendliness of her colleagues and the heavy workload she has. He tells us the following: “The fact of having so much work makes you socialize with the person next to you because you are not going to be silent for 9 hours. You are interested in the other person and you get to know the most human side of your colleagues.”

Lastly, we talked about what he did on a day off. Braian told us that he takes the opportunity to do housework and above all, rest. Although the work is simple, he is very tired. He admits to us that during breaks from work is when the time of his life goes by faster.

We want to thank Braian for the time he has dedicated to us and we sincerely hope that his experience continues to be satisfactory and that he achieves all his goals.

La storia di Gina

Gina landed in the Netherlands without knowing anyone, she didn’t know what the future would hold, but she wasn’t afraid. She already had experience dealing with this type of situation abroad.

She ventured to live this experience since she does not have children or anything that ties her to a specific place, so it was easy to make the decision.

Once there, she confesses that people seemed colder and perhaps also more distrustful than her in Spain, but little by little she has been adapting to her culture and her vision is changing.

In the first weeks, she had doubts, since you do not know what she is going to present there, but the work of Lucía (recruitment consultant) stands out, who knew how to advise and resolve all her doubts. Now that she is there, she confirms that everything is being just as Lucia told her.

Regarding work, Gina tells us that she is performing tasks in the logistics sector such as: picking, packing and order preparation. It is a bit tiring job, since you spend many hours on your feet and on the move.

The work itself is not heavy, but you do end up tired. What she’s most appreciative of is that overtime, weekends, and night shifts are paid very well.

Also, Gina is very happy with her colleagues and supervisors, who she describes as very nice. She tells us that they give their best to make you feel at home.

Regarding her roommates, she is super happy. She tells us the following: “I consider that I have been very lucky, with co-workers and with the people with whom

I live together. I have a very good relationship with everyone. “

On the other hand, the worst thing she is dealing with is the cold. In these winter months she confesses to us that it is hard.

Something that she is very satisfied with is her continuous improvement with English. She tells us that she arrived with a very basic level and that, as time progresses, she is awakening.

Finally, on her days off, she takes advantage of it to rest, do housework and little else. When she buys a bicycle, she will take the opportunity to visit cities and see more places in the country.


La storia di Alba

Alba was diving into the depths of InfoJobs looking for a job opportunity where no previous experience was necessary. Suddenly, one of our offers appeared and without hesitation, she sent her application.

She acknowledges to us that, once she applied, she realized that the offer was in the Netherlands, so she jump into the adventure.

After applying for the offer, she was ready to go in September and did the interview to be able to live this experience.

The interview was successful and she tells us that the process was very fast.

Some time ago, she was traveling in Holland and fell in love with the country. Her goals with this new stage of her life were: to become independent and live alone abroad in order to grow as a person and learn English.

The first of the objectives she is fulfilling it without problem, the second becomes more complicated since where she lives and works there are many Spaniards and she is not practicing English that much.


Alba did not have a bed of roses to feel as she feels today. At the beginning, she tells us that she was very depressed, not knowing why she had left. The following weeks she gradually adjusted and felt a little more Dutch. As she says: “It was the adaptation process, she had to get the chestnuts out of the fire by myself and wake up.” She now she is very adapted to her new life.

As for the job, Alba is delighted and tells us the following: “of the few jobs I have had, this one is the best.”

She does not like public-facing jobs and she finds her tasks simple and dynamic. She even thinks that the 8 hours that she spends there are short.

In addition, she stands out above all, the good atmosphere that she has with her colleagues.

Finally, Alba tells us about how she lives a day off. If she has money, she takes the opportunity to tour Holland and discover new places. On the contrary, if she is short of money, she takes her bike and travels around the place where she lives and takes the opportunity to take photos in the nearest town or the forest.

We want to thank Alba for the time and kindness she has given us during this interview. We hope that everything continues to go as well and that you meet all your goals.

La storia di Álvaro

A good friend of Álvaro traveled to work in Holland in March, returned in the summer and shared his experience with Álvaro. He explained in detail what his experience had been like, what documents he needed to be able to travel and his work experience.

Once the information had been digested, Álvaro contacted the agency TenS Holanda to apply for job offers and to be able to live the same experience as his friend.

His selection consultant was Lucía, who interviewed him and advised him on his way to the Netherlands. Álvaro tells us that the selection process was really fast and they made it all very easy.

His objective in this adventure was to save money to be able to pay for a course that he is studying in computer programming.

Álvaro confesses that his first days were not entirely easy and it took him a bit to adapt to the change of country and culture. He also assures that a few days later he was already integrated and adapted.

In the middle of his adventure, he has returned to Spain to take an exam for his programming course, but once he has passed this procedure, he wants to return to the Netherlands.

Regarding the workplace, Álvaro is very happy with the experience. He highlights the company, the good atmosphere among colleagues and recognizes that the tasks were simple for him, which is why he was very bearable.

Álvaro has been living in Breda together with the friend who recommended this adventure. The only negative aspect that he wanted to highlight was that they lived in a hotel and on the days they were late from working the kitchen was closed and they couldn’t eat anything.

On the other hand, his friend was given a car with which they would travel to work and to the supermarket.

On days off, Álvaro took the opportunity to visit cities like Tilburg or Rotterdam (whenever the weather was good). He was struck by the beauty of these cities and the high level of life that is breathed.

Finally, Álvaro recommends this experience to his friends and even his brother. We from TenS Holanda, we want to wish you the best in your computer course and how long you want to return, here we will be!

La storia di Jeanette

With her older and independent children, Jeanette believed it was her time. She used to work half a year in Sweden and the other half in Tenerife, suddenly the pandemic arrived and this kept her locked up at home for 8 months, generating a depression and the need to change of scene.

One fine day, she came across an offer to work in the Netherlands on InfoJobs, and from then on everything changed.

She applied to the offer and, from one week to the next, she was already in Holland. Jeanette wants to highlight the work of Alessandra, who was the recruitment consultant who interviewed her and has helped her in this experience.

Now, months later, she couldn’t be happier with the decision she made to live this adventure.

As for the accommodation, at first she was not happy with the homes that she received, but they quickly moved her to the new accommodations. She acknowledges that the facilities are very good, but she had some problems living with colleagues since she did not pick up and she had to chase them.


Later, her daughter came to work with T&S Holanda, and asked the agency to allow her to go live with her. Her wish was granted and she could be living with her daughter and a friend of hers. Currently, her daughter is gone, but she lives in a house 5 minutes from work, with 4 wonderful people with whom the coexistence is very good. She also highlights the good relationship she has with Juanjo with whom she also works.

As for the workplace, at first it was difficult for her to adapt to the position and for them to adapt to it as well. Once the adaptation process is over, she tells us that the work environment is very good.

Jeanette tells us: “I know colleagues from the agency who are working in other companies, and they say that as in my company, in none.”

Also, Jeanette is going to start hanging out with her co-workers and doing a little social life with them. She also admits to us that she is a very calm and homely person.

Finally, Jeanette recommends this experience to everyone, her friend Yolanda is now in the selection process and her son is thinking about it too. She wants to achieve the goal of staying there indefinitely, getting a house for herself and returning to Tenerife just to visit.

From T&S Holanda, we want all your goals to be met and we are happy that you are enjoying this new stage of your life.


Jorge was looking for a change of scene and contacted a friend of hers who was living in the Netherlands. She told him that she was hesitating between studying for a higher degree or going abroad to work. His first option was to go to the United States, but his friend invited him to try the experience of living and working in Holland.

Her friend has an acquaintance who is working with TenS Holanda, and since he is very happy, she recommended to Jorge that he apply through this temporary work agency.

He sent his CV and in just two days, he received a call where they informed him of the conditions of the offers and others. After conducting the interview, it only took him a week to get to Holland.

Now he is very happy with his decision to go to Holland, although he admits that at first it was difficult for him to adapt. Jorge was very used to his routines in Spain and he was afraid of arriving in a country unknown to him.

His goal with this experience has been to work as much as he can and save, to come back for Christmas and enjoy his family.

After Christmas is over, he wants to go back to the Netherlands and look for accommodation closer to work.

Regarding his current accommodation, he admits that he was very lucky, since four people live in a house and there are four rooms. Jorge has not had to share a room, which is usually the case.

In relation to moving from his house to work and vice versa, Jorge used to travel by car with the transport service, where a driver would pick him up, but now, this has changed and he is riding his bike and it takes a little over half an hour . His bike was lent to her by a friend and it doesn’t work very well.

In the workplace, he tells us the following: “I’m not lying to you, I love my job, for me it’s like playing Tetris”. He tells us that his supervisor asked him if he thought his work was hard and Jorge replied: “It doesn’t seem hard to me, I think it is very funny.”

He also loves the work environment and the relationship with colleagues. Now they have changed his shift, but he has quickly bonded with his new teammates.

After work, Jorge takes the opportunity to rest and took his console so he could disconnect.

On a day off, he takes the opportunity to go with some friends for a walk, go to bars and, if he has to go out partying later, then too.

On the other hand, he likes to photograph landscapes and is enjoying the wonders of Holland.

He has two friends who are unhappy with another agency and Jorge has recommended that they switch to his, since he is very happy. He has also recommended that his father take the opportunity to live this experience.

We greatly appreciate your time in the interview and we are glad that you are enjoying this adventure. We are waiting for you around Christmas and we hope that everything continues to go just as well.

La storia di Ana

The way Ana started her adventure with us can be considered comical and fortuitous. A friend of her boyfriend was working in Germany, and both Ana and her boyfriend started looking for agencies to follow in the footsteps of her friend and work in Germany.

Looking for offers to emigrate to German lands, they found an offer from TenS Holanda to work in the Netherlands and applied.

From the agency we received the CVs of Ana and her partner and we got ready to call them to explain the offers and more. Ana, she did not recall applying for her, so she declined the call. Right away, she realized the mistake and called back. Once they explained everything to her, she thought about it for a few days.

Luckily, Ana found an acquaintance who had gone with our agency to work in Holland and this person gave her confidence to make the decision to live the adventure.

When Ana conducted the interview she was 20 years old and the vacancy required a minimum age of 21 years. According to her, she turned 21, she sent all the documentation and remembers that the process was very simple and fast.

Once she arrived in the Netherlands, she had to adapt to a new culture and she confesses to us that this was something that she took a bit of trouble at first.

Once the adaptation process is over, she is very well. She has an apartment in Hoeven that she loves, where she lives with friends and also has a backyard.

Ana tells us that, at the beginning in her accommodation, there were two people with whom she had no relationship, but they left. At that time, Ana and her partner took the opportunity to ask the agency if a friend could go live there with them. Luckily, it was possible. Then another boy came in, and now they have formed a group that is like a family there.

The work that she is doing is very monotonous and at the time of the interview she has requested a change of job, with the aim of finding a company where she feels more motivated. Now, a week after the interview, we have found a company for Ana and her partner, where we wish everything to go smoothly.

His main objectives are: save money, live the adventure and discover a country that he did not know.

In general, they usually get around on foot or by public transport, and he tells us that once they went to visit the city of Antwerp (Belgium) by bus and it only cost them 11 euros.

Ana recommends living this experience, since if your goal is to work abroad, this is the easiest way to leave your country. You arrive at your new destination and you already have a job, accommodation and even medical insurance. As Ana says: «they give you many facilities».

Ana, we greatly appreciate your time dedicated to the interview and we sincerely hope that everything continues to progress as well as it has up to now. We are sure that you will continue to enjoy this experience!

La storia di Sandra

“Chance” that was what led our candidate today, Sandra, from Lanzarote, to undertake a new adventure with T&S.



Our islander, is a nomad passionate about traveling so it was not the first time that she began a new life outside of Spain. Norway, Canada or England are some of the many places where she had have the opportunity to work throughout her entire life.

At first, Sandra tells us that her goal was to settle permanently on her island, but the coronavirus turned all her plans upside down. Looking through the job offers, she found ours and thought “why not?”. And today, she has been living in Waalwijk for three months now.


She is very comfortable in her company, Bresc, which she defines as “very familiar.” On the other hand, regarding T & S, she affirms that she cannot say anything bad: “everything they told me at the beginning is 100% accurate”.



Regarding the accommodation, she lives in the center of the city together with three colleagues of Polish origin with whom she is very comfortable despite not being able to communicate, as they hardly speak English. She affirms that it is difficult for her to find people like her since the vast majority of them are very young, even so, she is happy with her because she considers herself a very independent person: “I do what I want”.




 She a few weeks ago she brought her car from the Canary Islands, allowing her to visit different Dutch cities that she considers almost identical. Finally, she highlights the Dutch way of life: “they work and go straight to bars.”

She still does not know how long she wants to stay in the Netherlands. Don’t worry Sandra you’ll find out. Keep enjoying this experience and good luck!



And you? Would you like to live a similar experience? We will be delighted to welcome you so you can enjoy the same opportunity as Sandra. Do not wait more!

La storia di Mario

Mario from Lanzarote was looking for a job opportunity that never came. At that time some of his friends traveled to Holland to work and that prompted him to look for work abroad.

He was so eager that he did the interview on a Thursday and by Tuesday he was already there ready to work.

Mario confesses to us that at the beginning he did not have all the confidence in the world and he was counting on the fact that he could come back at any moment if it went wrong.

He remembers how the day before the flight, due to the speed of the events, he still did not have the information about picking him up at the airport or the exact point. This made for a bit of an agonizing day for him, but the next morning he already had all the information.

When he landed in the Netherlands, he arrived at his accommodation and had nothing to shower. At that moment, the one who is now his friend, Fran, appeared. Without hesitation, she lent him soap and deodorant and told him that whatever he needed he was there.

Since then, every time a new person arrives, Mario tries to receive them with the same affection that they received him.

His goals at the beginning of this experience were to spend as little as possible and save as much money as possible. Now, after a while he confesses to us that she has changed a bit and gives himself a whim.

His current goal is to be able to spend as long as possible in the Netherlands and he is even considering buying a car to have greater independence.

As for work, he highlights how automated, advanced and modern his company is. He is proud to be part of such a sophisticated company. He has recently changed departments and the change is not convincing him, although there is always a period of adaptation that can make you feel better in the future.

Regarding the Dutch culture, he is delighted and has even gotten used to their meal times. On breaks from work at 12:00 he usually eats and that makes him want to have dinner early.

Before arriving he expected it to be a bit boring, but he has been surprised that there is more atmosphere than he imagined.

Finally, he proposes that they build a soccer field in Workinn’s accommodations so that new candidates can socialize more quickly, meet people from other countries through sports and even organize small Sunday league matches. An initiative that will be taken into account.

We want to thank Mario for his time in the interview, it has been a pleasure to hear your experience and we hope that everything continues to go as well as it has been up to now.