Como é trabalhar na Holanda? – Jose

There are people that until they find their site, need to know many till they get the final one. Something like this was what happened to José Engracio, our candidate of today’s history, with a more than extensive work history abroad, seeing Holland as his decisive home for him. This is his story!

José Engracio had previously worked in Germany, Austria, England, where he met his wife… However, all these places did not fit in with his personality and character. He needed another place and this was undoubtedly Holland. José Engracio wanted to move to the country of tulips and channels, and thanks to a Facebook group he found one of our offers, decided to apply and that was how, thanks to TenS Holanda, he achieved his desire to move to Holland.

Since he arrived, he has felt comfortable at all times. His decisive personality and his extensive work experience abroad were the perfect allies from the first moment to take the experience with all the positivity in the world. Undoubtedly, this has helped him a lot, making the work very bearable, despite having had a few initial problems.

He explains that he feels very comfortable in the accommodation, where he tells us that he has a room for him, and that he shares his kitchen, bathroom … with other colleagues with whom he gets along very well, and who make living together very pleasant. In addition, when he does not have to work, he takes the opportunity to take his bicycle and goes to see the surroundings of Waalwijk and many of the towns in the area. He loves them!

Thus, little by little José Engracio has been adapting to the experience, showing how his age, 47 years old, is not an impediment to be able to fulfill an opportunity as good as this one. Now, his efforts are aimed at visiting his wife in England, whom he admits that he misses. We are sure that he will succeed!

For all this, José Engracio recommends this experience, because he assures that it is worth it and that it allows you to discover a wonderful country. We’re so glad that he is so satisfied! And you? Wouldn’t you like to live an experience like José Engracio’s? Give it a chance! Live a unique experience in the Netherlands with TenS Holanda.

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