Alfonso’s Story

Alfonso at first wanted to travel to Ireland to work, suddenly, his cousin who is in the Netherlands, recommended that he has to change his mind and go with him. At that time Alfonso was clear about it and what better way than to go to a country where there is already a relative who can help you with the adaptation.

At the time of work, his cousin recommended TenS Holanda, since it was the agency that was with him and he did not think about it. Currently, he is happy in his job where he tells us that he maintains a good relationship with his international colleagues.


Alfonso is working many hours a week and this helps him to achieve his goal, to save money. He is confident that when he reduces his workload a bit he can pay for a course in marketing to continue growing.

His intention is to spend a year there, he is happy and does not think of going back. The only thing he tells us that he does not quite convince him is the climate, since a Murcian accustomed to the sun, ends up missing it.

On the other hand, what he likes the most about the Netherlands are the Dutch and their culture. He tells us that they are very respectful people and that he does not judge others, he feels free. Alfonso comes from a town in Murcia where everyone knows each other and everything is known, so in the Netherlands he is more comfortable.

He also highlights the cleanliness of the streets and how well organized everything is. As his cousin told him when he arrived: “everything is very simple here and it is very easy to adapt, it is a country for fools” alluding to the good order of the country.

It has been a pleasure talking to Alfonso and we hope that he continues to be just as happy in the Netherlands, surely the future will return all your efforts in successes.