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You put the desire,
We provide the work!



Search for the vacancy that best suits you. If you meet the requirements specified in the offer, the next step is to send your resume


Fill the form or send us your CV to: 

In the subject write the title of the vacancy and a cover letter..


Once we receive your email, our selection team will analyze your profile and contact you for an interview. 

Vacancies available in the netherlands

Every week we publish new job offers in the Netherlands. 

In each section you will find the different vacancies we offer and the requirements and conditions necessary to apply. 

Hospitality Vacancies

Carry out catering activities based on your experience.
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Industrial Cleaning Vacancies

Cleaning of different companies in small teams.
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Food Vacancies

Start working packaging food according to its recipe and checks its quality.
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Production Vacancies

Work as an assistant in a production line, being essential.
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Logistics Vacancies

Start working in the logistics sector of multinationals.
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About us

At T&S Holanda we are an international recruitment company with more than 20 years of experience offering work in the Netherlands.

From our office in Madrid we select candidates from all the countries of the European Union.

We offer a wide range of temporary jobs in different industries such as food, logistics, hospitality or construction.

Our temporary and flexible contracts of 52 weeks offer you a paid job and an opportunity in the international labor market.

From T&S Holanda, we help you with all the necessary paperwork so that you arrive in the Netherlands as soon as possible.

It is a great opportunity to improve your English and get to know new cultures!


These are some of the companies that trust us to find their employees.


This is one of our accommodations located on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. They are generally basic accommodations and the rooms are shared.

Javier introduces you how his experience is working with TENS HOLANDA. We hope you like the experience of it and help you make such an important decision.

Accommodation for candidates working with us. These are usually basic accommodations and rooms are shared. If you are traveling with a friend or your partner, you can share accommodation with them.