I wanted to go to the Netherlands to study a university master’s degree, but right before the start I realized that I was not convinced and turned it down.

Since I didn’t want to waste a year doing nothing either, I decided to go to The Netherlands to look for a job, get to know the country so later I can start the master’s degree.

A friend was browsing on Instagram and saw one of TENS Holanda’s job offers and sent it to me. When I read the offer, I had no doubts about looking for a job opportunity abroad.

My main goals at the beginning of this adventure were: to find accommodation for when I started studying, to discover the Netherlands, to meet new friends, and to get out of my comfort zone.


In an adventure of this style, it is very important to adapt to a new life. For me it was relatively easy, since I traveled with my partner. Also, there are many Spaniards and generally everyone is very friendly and adapting is not a problem.

As for the work environment, I had no prior experience and this was my first job. I currently work in a giant warehouse doing tasks such as preparing orders, packing products, labeling…etc. I’m working many hours and doing physical efforts. I also appreciate the great opportunity the company gives me to alternate between different departments.

The company offers training courses to specialize in different areas, they are free and take place during work hours.

Finally, I love the flexibility in schedules. I applied to work the same shifts as my partner and there were no problems.

Regarding the housing:

I live in Moerdijk, in a house for 4 people and I share a room with my partner. In relation to living together I have almost no complaints, beyond the fact that sometimes there can be a little more mess.

I would like to live closer to a big city, as I always have to travel more than I would like to whenever I go shopping, for leisure and so on.


In my free time I take the opportunity to study, visit the city with my group of friends and discover the Netherlands.

Finally, I want to leave a recommendation for future employees, “It is important to keep the company happy, don’t arrive late on your job if you don’t have a good reason, so when you need them, they will always be there.”