I wanted to go to the Netherlands to study a university master’s degree, but right before the start I realized that I was not convinced and turned it down.

Since I didn’t want to waste a year doing nothing either, I decided to go to The Netherlands to look for a job, get to know the country so later I can start the master’s degree.

A friend was browsing on Instagram and saw one of TENS Holanda’s job offers and sent it to me. When I read the offer, I had no doubts about looking for a job opportunity abroad.

My main goals at the beginning of this adventure were: to find accommodation for when I started studying, to discover the Netherlands, to meet new friends, and to get out of my comfort zone.


In an adventure of this style, it is very important to adapt to a new life. For me it was relatively easy, since I traveled with my partner. Also, there are many Spaniards and generally everyone is very friendly and adapting is not a problem.

As for the work environment, I had no prior experience and this was my first job. I currently work in a giant warehouse doing tasks such as preparing orders, packing products, labeling…etc. I’m working many hours and doing physical efforts. I also appreciate the great opportunity the company gives me to alternate between different departments.

The company offers training courses to specialize in different areas, they are free and take place during work hours.

Finally, I love the flexibility in schedules. I applied to work the same shifts as my partner and there were no problems.

Regarding the housing:

I live in Moerdijk, in a house for 4 people and I share a room with my partner. In relation to living together I have almost no complaints, beyond the fact that sometimes there can be a little more mess.

I would like to live closer to a big city, as I always have to travel more than I would like to whenever I go shopping, for leisure and so on.


In my free time I take the opportunity to study, visit the city with my group of friends and discover the Netherlands.

Finally, I want to leave a recommendation for future employees, “It is important to keep the company happy, don’t arrive late on your job if you don’t have a good reason, so when you need them, they will always be there.”



First Steps

My story in the Netherlands is marked by the previous experience of a close friend of mine. Three months before I decided to go on this adventure, my friend traveled to the Netherlands for work. I waited about two months to see how my friend has been doing and he advised me to follow his footsteps.


From that moment, I started looking for information when I suddenly came across TENS Holanda’s Instagram.

I was reading the offers until I decided to apply. At first I must admit that I felt mistrust, but as the interviews went on, I started to believe more in this experience.

Eventually, my cousin and I started looking for information on the Internet about the agency and were able to verify that it was real and that we could trust it.


After landing in the Netherlands, our goal was to grow professionally and financially, as well as to stay there long-term. I am now celebrating one year of working in the Netherlands.

housing and work


On the negative side, it bothered me that at first I went to live in Belgium, right on the border with the Netherlands (among the possible accommodations, it was one of the furthest away from the work location). Now after a year I continue to live there, sharing a room with a roommate with whom I have no problems living together. In the common spaces there are colleagues who are more respectful of hygiene and others less so. That is why it is important to keep an order and follow some basic rules.

I am much happier at work here than in Spain. I appreciate that I am not being chased or that no one behind me is asking me to speed up the pace. In my work I go at my own pace, giving my best and following the guidelines.

I also emphasize the multiculturalism that exists in the work environment. There are people from all over the world, and this is always culturally enriching.

As for my English, I came here with a basic level, but now I notice that I have improved it a lot.


On my days off, I take the opportunity to visit cities, sightseeing and shopping.

Finally, I recommend having this experience through an agency like TENS Holanda, as you arrive in The Netherlands with work, housing, medical insurance and transportation. I think it is the essential starting point to be able to take off and grow in a new country.



 This is the second time I have gone to the Netherlands to work with TENS Holanda, and it is also the second time I am sharing my experience.

My first time was very positive, I felt very appreciated by my colleagues and liked the accommodation. Also, I would like to point out that the few inconveniences I had were resolved quickly and efficiently by the agency.


After the success of this first experience, I did not hesitate to repeat.

My goals in this second phase are to improve and grow, especially at the work level. I am ambitious and want to be as productive as possible, minimize mistakes and get promoted within the company.

I have currently been working for 4 months in the same company where I was previously.

My job is a bit special, as I am a logistics operator, but in a -24º warehouse. My company is involved in food distribution for one of the largest and most important supermarkets in the Netherlands, so the food has to be kept at a low temperature.


For me this is not an inconvenience, on the contrary, since being always on the move I do not feel that cold feeling. In this second phase it has been much easier to adapt to the work.

As for housing, I live in a house with colleagues of various nationalities, and although I admit I have heard that living together can be complicated, in my case there have been no problems. We all cooperate in our house; mutual respect is a condition for successful coexistence.


Being the one with the most experience, I organize the cleaning schedule and remind my housemates of the rules. I also help newcomers make their adjustment as easy as possible.

As a good nature lover, I am happy to live in an area of North Brabant rich in lakes and forests. I take advantage of my days off to hike and relax.

Other times, I go downtown for a drink, watch a movie at the cinema, or go shopping.

Finally, the main differences I have had with my first experience here are the improvement in the way I manage my colleagues and housing.

All this has helped me to make it very easy to live and work together.

I recommend this adventure because I think it is very positive to meet new people and gain experience abroad. Also, TENS Holanda gives you all the facilities to get a good job in Holland and to get to know this beautiful country.

Production employee in the fashion sector

Looking for a good production job? At XPO you will work in one of the cleanest warehouses in the Netherlands. When you start working as a production employee, you will work in different departments.

For example, you will sort, scan and pack garments or make sure orders are processed correctly.

Of course, you will not do it alone, since you will work with great colleagues.

The main tasks for you as a production employee are

– Basic order logistics warehouse activities, such as packing and picking.

– Picking by voice.


– Salary: 11.99 euros/hour.

– Full schedule (32-40 hours / week)

– A great international team

– Possibility to grow in the company



– Motivation and flexibility.

– Good level of English.

– Be careful and work with precision.


Additional information about salary and overtime:

– After 40 hours: 130%

– Saturdays: 150%

– Sundays and holidays: 200%.

Santiago’s Story

The desperation to find a serious and stable job in the Canary Islands drowned Santiago. This led him to search InfoJobs for offers outside the islands. Santiago was already preparing to travel to Madrid with the aim of improving his luck in finding a job, when T&S Holanda knocked on his door to offer him an opportunity in the south of Holanda.

Santiago has always been interested in the Nordic culture, getting to know a new country and, above all, perfecting his English.

At first he was very excited, unlike his trip to Madrid, here he already arrived with accommodation and a job. As Santiago tells us: “In Spain my morale was rock bottom and this opportunity has changed my life.”

He admits that the adaptation was not easy, although since he set foot on the Dutch lands, he fell in love. He also tells us the following: “The

People in general are very friendly and hospitable. It seems that people are happy. It feels very good energy.”

His first accommodation was contracted with the agency and it was a tiny hotel room. Santiago acknowledges that the accommodation was very basic and perhaps it’s worth it to begin with, but once adapted, he needed something more complete.


The positive thing about the hotel is that he met many colleagues from all over the world and the good atmosphere they all had among them stands out.

One day at work, a Dutch colleague introduced an acquaintance that he had a free room. Without hesitation, Santiago contacted him and soon he was staying in this good man’s room. It was a double room, very large and in which he was very comfortable. A few months later, the landlord called him and told him that he had another house that was empty and wanted him to be his first tenant, while he looked for other roommates for Santiago.

At that time, Santiago had many doubts, since he was very comfortable in his current room, but the landlord’s insistence made him accept his proposal.

Now, he couldn’t be happier. It is a house, as Santiago says, luxury. It has a patio, a barbecue, two floors and at the moment it is just waiting for new roommates. There was a dog in the house and this is his best friend right now and the one who keeps him the most company.

Santiago is clear that he wants to stay in the Netherlands for life. He considers that he smiles luck and is very grateful.

Regarding work, he is comfortable and likes the environment, but now the season has slowed down a bit and he would like to have more hours. In case of lower than 30 weekly hours, the agency can relocate him in a company in which he can cover those hours.

Opinion trabajar en Holanda

Finally, we want to thank Santiago for his time for the interview and we sincerely hope that he continues to meet all his goals. We are sure that luck is sought and Santiago has found it.

Work in a Holiday’s Resort

The vacancy refers to a very pleasant and varied job. The employee will be deployed three days a week, along with an entire team, to perform a variety of jobs at the resort’s various catering locations.

On all other days, the employee will clean the resort rooms when guests check out.

During the shift you will be assigned these tasks:

– Restoration activities.

– Cleanup.

The working period is, in principle, the holiday season and generally runs from the beginning of April to the end of August.


Salary: €12.10/hour.

After three months worked there is an increase to €12.50/hour.

Accommodation within the resort at a reduced price.

If you work well, a permanent contract with Roompot is certainly possible.



– Command of the English language.

– Flexibility regarding employability (different jobs and locations in/near the park)

– Understand that HOSPITALITY is the key to Roompot’s success.

Cleaning in our office at Waalwijk

At T&S you will work cleaning our office in Waalwijk, as well as the common areas of the accommodation of some of our candidates.

If you are a motivated and enthusiastic person who likes to interact with other people, this is the perfect job for you!

The main tasks for you as a cleaning employee are:

– Clean the T&S office in Waalwijk.

– Clean accommodation in Waalwijk.

At T&S you will have exceptional working conditions and a fantastic work environment.

We will make you feel like one more person in the team as soon as possible.

Offer conditions:

Salary: €11/hour.

Hours per week: 40 hours.



  • Precise work, with a high level of demand.
  • Don’t be afraid to do a job that involves dirt.
  • Physically fit, to be able to work on your feet all day.
  • Flexible person, for work in two shifts.
  • English level: B2 or higher

Skills for this position

Cleaning experience 80%
English level 60%
Motivation 100%

Logistics Operator in Eindhoven

In this company you will gain experience rotating between different departments, such as order picker, packer or sorter.

There is also the possibility to work as a Man-up employee, storing orders at height (2 weeks training is required).

The main tasks in each department are:

  • As a sorter: you will have to sort boxes full of tools from the production line. Afterwards, the boxes must be sorted on pallets.
  • As order picker: you will pick up all the tools of an order to complete it.
  • As a packer: you check the tools per order and pack them in a box, ready for shipping.

Conditions of the offer:

Salary: 11,25 €/hour.

Additional information about salary and overtime:

  • Saturdays – 150% extra.
  • Sundays and holidays – 200% extra.

Working hours: 

  • Morning Shift: 06.00 – 15.00
  • Afternoon shift: 15.00 – 00.00

Rest Shifts: you have two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute break each day.



  • Accurate work, with a high work pace.
  • Flexibility and willingness to work in shifts.
  • Flexible person: work flexible days and hours with no exact end time, work in various departments.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • English level B1 is required.

Logistics Operator in Waalwijk

The company is a logistics company that provides all packaging and order picking for various products ordered by large Dutch companies.

If you love to work hard, don’t mind flexible hours and want to work long hours, this is the job for you!

During your shift, you will be assigned one of three tasks:

  • Picking: Pulling inventory from the warehouse to order.
  • Packing: Placing these products into boxes or crates.
  • Labeling: Placing special labels or text on packages.

Conditions of the offer:

Salary: 11,36 €/hour.

Additional information about salary and overtime:

  • If you work in the shift from 19.00 to 00.00 – 110% extra.
  • After 8 hours of work per day – 125% extra.
  • If you work from 0.00 to 07.00 – 125% extra.
  • Weekend – 150% extra.

Working hours: 

  • Morning shift starts between: 06.00 – 10.00.
  • Afternoon shift starts between: 14.00 – 18.00

Travel allowance: 16.50 € maximum per day for a distance of up to 50 km one way.

Break shifts: two 15-minute breaks (unpaid) and one 30-minute break (paid).



  • Good motivation and flexibility.
  • Ability to work in several departments.
  • Communicative knowledge of English (B1 level).

Reachtruck Driver

You will work in a company that supplies all the accessories for animals. A brand specializing in everything you can imagine for your pet.

Do you love pets and all the cool accessories made for them? You’re the person we want on our team!

During your shift, you will be assigned to these two tasks:

  • Transporting products in and out of the warehouse using EPT and reachtrucks.
  • Load and unload trucks and transport products in distribution and warehouse.

Conditions of the offer:

Salary13.03 €/hour->EPT // 14.00€/hour->Reachtruck

Additional information about salary and overtime:

  • After 8 hours of work per day – 125% extra.
  • If you work after 18.00 – 120% extra.

Working hours: 

  • Morning shift: from M to T: 07.30 – 14.45; Friday from 07.30 to 14.30.
  • Afternoon shift: M to T: 14.15 – 21.00; Friday from 14.15 to 18.30.

Break shifts: 45-minute breaks: 1 x 30 ‘+ 1 x 15’ or 60-minute breaks: 1 x 30 ‘+ 2 x 15’.



  • Flexibility and willingness to work hourly.
  • Physically fit, able to perform heavy work.
  • Communicative knowledge of English. (B1 level).
  • In case of a good connection, there is the possibility to work for a longer period of time.
  • Dutch reachtruck certificate.

Skills for this position

Experience with reachtruck 75%
English level 50%
Long-term permanence 80%