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Review – TENS Holanda

José´s Experience

I was living in Venezuela, and as you know, the situation is not the best for a stable job. I had been unemployed for some time and I started receiving recommendations on TikTok about working abroad. Many of them caught my attention. I have Spanish nationality, so I could work in any country of the European Union and I started to send CVs to all the companies that the social network was recommending me.

TENS Holanda contacted me quite quickly. There was a problem with the fact that I had a Venezuelan phone number, so we had to talk via WhatsApp, but well, we were very lucky. I set up an interview with Alonso, a recruiter who was pretty cool. It was all pretty clear, so I just had to start looking for flights to go from Caracas to Madrid and then from there to Holland.

When I arrived in Holland, I had a hard time with everything. I wasn’t familiar with the transport network in Europe, so it was difficult to get to Waalwijk. I got accommodation on the Belgian border, and it was a bit far away but I had gone to work so I wasn’t worried at all. Later on I was transferred to a village next to Waalwijk and here I am now.

The first days in my company were hard because I was self-employed in Venezuela, so following orders was new to me. I got used to it and now I am an expert in my company. I am a person who finds packing easier, but I had to get used to picking.

For me, family is sacred and that has been a little difficult for me to assimilate with the distance that exists at the moment. The good thing is that where I am right now I have a group of friends with whom I get on very well. I also like sport a lot: the gym, football…. When I arrived in Belgium, I wrote to several teams but none of them answered me. This was quite an emotional blow, but my move to the village near Waalwijk has led me to start training with a team in the fourth division of Dutch football as a goalkeeper. I have always felt that I am very good at it, and my dream here is to become a professional. So much so, that among my friends is my future agent. My work doesn’t take time away from what I want to do, and being here I’ve been able to watch the Waalwijk football team, which is in the Eredivisie, the top flight of Dutch football.

My dream is to stay here for a long time and earn as much money as possible, so that I can invest it in Venezuela and be able to follow my path as a freelancer, which was the first thing I wanted to be before coming to Europe. I may sound heavy, but I’m also thinking about football. Who knows if I won’t become the “goalkeeper” of the Vinotinto.

When I get days off, I always make it a point to go for a walk in Waalwijk, and before that, in Turnhout. They are quite different places, but I loved them both. You could even say that I know the whole town. Even the industrial estates. I also like to train on my own. I work out in the gym or try to practice goalkeeper training exercises. As I said before, I also went to watch football, just one of the days off I had. It wasn’t really the best result I could have hoped for, but hey, that’s a good sign for me….. They need a better goalkeeper.

For me, this experience has saved me a lot. I feel like a different person, and it has changed me for the better. I am very grateful to TENS Netherlands, because they not only helped me to come, but they also followed me up. This is the best thing that can happen to you, because you realise that you are not a number. You are a person and, like them, you work to get ahead. I am happy here and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for changing my life. And for all those who are hesitating to come, don’t. You’re going to have a great time. You’re going to have a great time. Take my advice, that’s what I do…


Daniel´s Experience

I didn’t want to start working in the Netherlands at first. I was looking for some jobs in Spain and I came across this opportunity while browsing InfoJobs. It seemed like a great opportunity and I didn’t hesitate twice. My main motive was to become independent and make a life for myself. I had once thought about working abroad, but I never thought I would end up in the Netherlands. I also looked for opportunities in Portugal, but it didn’t really convince me. Before coming here, I had never been to Europe, only to France on a school trip. The desire to get to know the world, and more so the north of the continent, pushed me to make a decision and now I am here; in the Netherlands.

It all seemed like a very fast process to me. This made me a bit suspicious, so I started looking for information about TENS Holanda. I got to their website and read a few experiences of people who were already in the Netherlands. This is very helpful, because this is what makes you realise that the experience you will have will not be just any experience, but a life-changing experience that will help you in the future. In the experiences people manage to touch your heart and encourage you to make the decision. I recommend it to people who are reading me, because without it I might not be here telling my experience. I also have a page that tells you if websites offer fake products or are a scam. I decided to be safe rather than sorry, and put TENS Holanda in the search engine. It told me that I could trust the site. With this I was no longer suspicious and I was completely convinced to start writing a new chapter in my life.

A lot of people have asked me about my goals when I started the process and this was to explore who I am and to develop myself. I think it is a very important process for everyone. Living different experiences and getting to know yourself in the end brings something positive: it builds confidence and a certain attitude that is often necessary in the world of work.

The beginning of the process was very good. Helena’s presence as a recruiter made me more and more confident. The security that Helena creates in you often makes the difference and any doubts you have about the process are dispelled when you have the interview with her. Already on my arrival in the Netherlands my expectations were far exceeded. The accommodation, which was something I was worried about, was great. I had a single room for a few days until they found a roommate. Sharing a room was no problem, sometimes even beneficial as you have someone to talk to and get to know each other. The job always delivers. I work five days a week and although sometimes the production level drops, I always have something to do in the company. The treatment, the accommodation and the job was so pleasant that I recommend TENS Holanda to everyone I know whenever I get the chance.

The beginning, as always, was a bit difficult, but I got over it and it didn’t take long for me to enjoy it. My accommodation is in Workinn, a kind of residence for the employees of TENS Holanda. It’s quite a lively place. Many of us know each other and from time to time you meet people for a drink or a chat. The first week was a bit difficult for me, because I had financial problems and that always makes you rethink everything. Luckily this was just a phase, because after that, I started to feel much more comfortable with everything. The people you meet are super nice and they manage to create a family atmosphere, which in many cases is necessary. I owe a lot to English. It has opened up a world of cultures and humanity.

In my job I enjoy it a lot because I always have things to do. There are times when production goes down, I clean the environment. I don’t like that, but it’s like everything else, there will always be something that wasn’t in our plans, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop everything. In the breaks we have, you can feel the good relations that exist in the work environment. As I am a bit more reserved, I don’t usually take part in them, but I always listen to my colleagues to get to know them better. The interculturality that exists in my company is great, but I am very grateful to have Spaniards around. With them you can express yourself without any linguistic wall limiting you.

I always walk everywhere. I love walking. I always walk to work, even when I was offered a bicycle, I turned it down because I saw it as something useless for me. What I wanted was to walk. Also the proximity of my home to the river makes me go out on my days off to get to know the surroundings. It may seem strange to you, but I had never seen swans before, and this river has a lot of them. They mix with many varieties of ducks and I love being able to see all this. This may be my favourite thing to do since I have been here. Walking and having time to think about my own things while watching wildlife… It’s priceless. Then there is the architecture which I love. The houses are so cute that they don’t go unnoticed. The peace that this activity gives me is more than recommendable, just like coming here to Holland. I can only thank TENS Holanda for the opportunity they have given me. It is something I will never forget.


Cheila´s Experience

I already knew the Netherlands. I loved the tranquillity of its cities, both big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam and smaller ones like Eindhoven or Groningen. I have always been a person whose aim has always been to enjoy a calm and peace that the places I had lived in before had not given me. Therefore, when I found TENS Netherlands, I saw that it was my opportunity to work in this country that is now my home.

I am Portuguese, but I have lived in the UK for 15 years, and English was always a driving force to push me to work in a country with an English level outside the British Isles. TENS Holland helped me a lot, especially in the sense of language. Even though they live in Madrid, they speak to you in Portuguese or English. In my case, that was essential to trust them. It is not the same to leave your comfort zone without certain facilities than with the help of someone close to you and who, in addition, SPEAKS IN YOUR LANGUAGE.

Throughout my selection process, I communicated with Helena at the beginning. She spoke to me in Portuguese, which made me feel comfortable. She knows how to deal with people and, above all, in a close and human way. She is very sweet and we even felt a certain connection because of very similar experiences. Really something that made me want to start this adventure and enjoy everything to come. Other colleagues like Tamara and Rodrigo also made me feel very welcome in a process where you often feel like you are just a number. I will always be grateful for this unique treatment.

As I said before, Holland caught my attention because of the language. I think there is a point in life where languages become difficult to learn and it is very difficult to learn a new one. English is my second language, and in Holland it’s the same for many people. I didn’t want to go to Germany where the percentage of people who speak English is not the same as in the Netherlands, let alone France… The Netherlands was the best option; the one that best suited me and my plans for the future.

When I started the whole process, I thought it would be much slower, but it flew by. They take all the calls, even when you call the recruiter you have. I loved that. It’s something that a lot of people are looking for, because there are times when calling companies or the public administration can be a pain. With TENS Netherlands this is not the case. It is a pleasure to get in touch with the staff in Madrid. Who would have thought that looking for “Working in the Netherlands” would not only help me to find a future job, but also to meet people who are so close and concerned about your goals and objectives?

My expectations were no big deal, I wanted to work there and TENS Holland made it possible. It was also not a radical change for me. I have always been living outside my home country and this was to do the same. 15 years in the UK makes you feel like a local, but you always have something left. A little piece of where you are. That’s why being in the Netherlands is a formality for me. I enjoy myself and my surroundings without having to worry about a longing for the ephemeral.

At the beginning it was very hard, but that’s like everything and everyone. I felt lost. I had seen everything on Google Maps a few days before and I thought I had it all under control, but that’s the theory. When it comes to putting it into practice, things change. Thankfully, along with my pre-contract I received information that served as an itinerary about the transport I had to take when I arrived in the Netherlands. That helped me a lot, but I also asked Helena a lot of questions about how to get to places. We are human, we have to make mistakes, ask questions and act. It is essential, especially in another country.

My daily life in the Netherlands is perfect. I go to work and focus on doing my best. I am a person who loves to talk, and that’s what I do when I have time off. I make it a point to get to know my colleagues at work, I talk to them and ask them about their lives. But not only with my colleagues, also my bosses are a target for me. I want to get to know them, and that exchange builds confidence, both from me and from them. When I get home I put on music, take a shower and talk to the family. I think this is a basic part of my routine. Without this I think I would go crazy. Meditation also helps me a lot, but what really gives me life is travelling around the Netherlands. I am getting to know a lot of landscapes and castles. It’s something amazing in this country, how beautiful all the landscapes are!

My experience in Holland is highly recommended. I have to thank TENS Holland a lot. They have managed to give me this life that I enjoy so much, with new people who are like a new family, with a job that I love, in a beautiful country and all this, thanks to an agency. I highly recommend working with them. They are a bridge with the companies, but they care about you and how everything is going.



I wanted to go to the Netherlands to study a university master’s degree, but right before the start I realized that I was not convinced and turned it down.

Since I didn’t want to waste a year doing nothing either, I decided to go to The Netherlands to look for a job, get to know the country so later I can start the master’s degree.

A friend was browsing on Instagram and saw one of TENS Holanda’s job offers and sent it to me. When I read the offer, I had no doubts about looking for a job opportunity abroad.

My main goals at the beginning of this adventure were: to find accommodation for when I started studying, to discover the Netherlands, to meet new friends, and to get out of my comfort zone.


In an adventure of this style, it is very important to adapt to a new life. For me it was relatively easy, since I traveled with my partner. Also, there are many Spaniards and generally everyone is very friendly and adapting is not a problem.

As for the work environment, I had no prior experience and this was my first job. I currently work in a giant warehouse doing tasks such as preparing orders, packing products, labeling…etc. I’m working many hours and doing physical efforts. I also appreciate the great opportunity the company gives me to alternate between different departments.

The company offers training courses to specialize in different areas, they are free and take place during work hours.

Finally, I love the flexibility in schedules. I applied to work the same shifts as my partner and there were no problems.

Regarding the housing:

I live in Moerdijk, in a house for 4 people and I share a room with my partner. In relation to living together I have almost no complaints, beyond the fact that sometimes there can be a little more mess.

I would like to live closer to a big city, as I always have to travel more than I would like to whenever I go shopping, for leisure and so on.


In my free time I take the opportunity to study, visit the city with my group of friends and discover the Netherlands.

Finally, I want to leave a recommendation for future employees, “It is important to keep the company happy, don’t arrive late on your job if you don’t have a good reason, so when you need them, they will always be there.”



First Steps

My story in the Netherlands is marked by the previous experience of a close friend of mine. Three months before I decided to go on this adventure, my friend traveled to the Netherlands for work. I waited about two months to see how my friend has been doing and he advised me to follow his footsteps.


From that moment, I started looking for information when I suddenly came across TENS Holanda’s Instagram.

I was reading the offers until I decided to apply. At first I must admit that I felt mistrust, but as the interviews went on, I started to believe more in this experience.

Eventually, my cousin and I started looking for information on the Internet about the agency and were able to verify that it was real and that we could trust it.


After landing in the Netherlands, our goal was to grow professionally and financially, as well as to stay there long-term. I am now celebrating one year of working in the Netherlands.

housing and work


On the negative side, it bothered me that at first I went to live in Belgium, right on the border with the Netherlands (among the possible accommodations, it was one of the furthest away from the work location). Now after a year I continue to live there, sharing a room with a roommate with whom I have no problems living together. In the common spaces there are colleagues who are more respectful of hygiene and others less so. That is why it is important to keep an order and follow some basic rules.

I am much happier at work here than in Spain. I appreciate that I am not being chased or that no one behind me is asking me to speed up the pace. In my work I go at my own pace, giving my best and following the guidelines.

I also emphasize the multiculturalism that exists in the work environment. There are people from all over the world, and this is always culturally enriching.

As for my English, I came here with a basic level, but now I notice that I have improved it a lot.


On my days off, I take the opportunity to visit cities, sightseeing and shopping.

Finally, I recommend having this experience through an agency like TENS Holanda, as you arrive in The Netherlands with work, housing, medical insurance and transportation. I think it is the essential starting point to be able to take off and grow in a new country.



 This is the second time I have gone to the Netherlands to work with TENS Holanda, and it is also the second time I am sharing my experience.

My first time was very positive, I felt very appreciated by my colleagues and liked the accommodation. Also, I would like to point out that the few inconveniences I had were resolved quickly and efficiently by the agency.


After the success of this first experience, I did not hesitate to repeat.

My goals in this second phase are to improve and grow, especially at the work level. I am ambitious and want to be as productive as possible, minimize mistakes and get promoted within the company.

I have currently been working for 4 months in the same company where I was previously.

My job is a bit special, as I am a logistics operator, but in a -24º warehouse. My company is involved in food distribution for one of the largest and most important supermarkets in the Netherlands, so the food has to be kept at a low temperature.


For me this is not an inconvenience, on the contrary, since being always on the move I do not feel that cold feeling. In this second phase it has been much easier to adapt to the work.

As for housing, I live in a house with colleagues of various nationalities, and although I admit I have heard that living together can be complicated, in my case there have been no problems. We all cooperate in our house; mutual respect is a condition for successful coexistence.


Being the one with the most experience, I organize the cleaning schedule and remind my housemates of the rules. I also help newcomers make their adjustment as easy as possible.

As a good nature lover, I am happy to live in an area of North Brabant rich in lakes and forests. I take advantage of my days off to hike and relax.

Other times, I go downtown for a drink, watch a movie at the cinema, or go shopping.

Finally, the main differences I have had with my first experience here are the improvement in the way I manage my colleagues and housing.

All this has helped me to make it very easy to live and work together.

I recommend this adventure because I think it is very positive to meet new people and gain experience abroad. Also, TENS Holanda gives you all the facilities to get a good job in Holland and to get to know this beautiful country.

Production employee in the fashion sector

Looking for a good production job? At XPO you will work in one of the cleanest warehouses in the Netherlands. When you start working as a production employee, you will work in different departments.

For example, you will sort, scan and pack garments or make sure orders are processed correctly.

Of course, you will not do it alone, since you will work with great colleagues.

The main tasks for you as a production employee are

– Basic order logistics warehouse activities, such as packing and picking.

– Picking by voice.


– Salary: 11.99 euros/hour.

– Full schedule (32-40 hours / week)

– A great international team

– Possibility to grow in the company



– Motivation and flexibility.

– Good level of English.

– Be careful and work with precision.


Additional information about salary and overtime:

– After 40 hours: 130%

– Saturdays: 150%

– Sundays and holidays: 200%.

Santiago’s Story

The desperation to find a serious and stable job in the Canary Islands drowned Santiago. This led him to search InfoJobs for offers outside the islands. Santiago was already preparing to travel to Madrid with the aim of improving his luck in finding a job, when T&S Holanda knocked on his door to offer him an opportunity in the south of Holanda.

Santiago has always been interested in the Nordic culture, getting to know a new country and, above all, perfecting his English.

At first he was very excited, unlike his trip to Madrid, here he already arrived with accommodation and a job. As Santiago tells us: “In Spain my morale was rock bottom and this opportunity has changed my life.”

He admits that the adaptation was not easy, although since he set foot on the Dutch lands, he fell in love. He also tells us the following: “The

People in general are very friendly and hospitable. It seems that people are happy. It feels very good energy.”

His first accommodation was contracted with the agency and it was a tiny hotel room. Santiago acknowledges that the accommodation was very basic and perhaps it’s worth it to begin with, but once adapted, he needed something more complete.


The positive thing about the hotel is that he met many colleagues from all over the world and the good atmosphere they all had among them stands out.

One day at work, a Dutch colleague introduced an acquaintance that he had a free room. Without hesitation, Santiago contacted him and soon he was staying in this good man’s room. It was a double room, very large and in which he was very comfortable. A few months later, the landlord called him and told him that he had another house that was empty and wanted him to be his first tenant, while he looked for other roommates for Santiago.

At that time, Santiago had many doubts, since he was very comfortable in his current room, but the landlord’s insistence made him accept his proposal.

Now, he couldn’t be happier. It is a house, as Santiago says, luxury. It has a patio, a barbecue, two floors and at the moment it is just waiting for new roommates. There was a dog in the house and this is his best friend right now and the one who keeps him the most company.

Santiago is clear that he wants to stay in the Netherlands for life. He considers that he smiles luck and is very grateful.

Regarding work, he is comfortable and likes the environment, but now the season has slowed down a bit and he would like to have more hours. In case of lower than 30 weekly hours, the agency can relocate him in a company in which he can cover those hours.

Opinion trabajar en Holanda

Finally, we want to thank Santiago for his time for the interview and we sincerely hope that he continues to meet all his goals. We are sure that luck is sought and Santiago has found it.

Work in a Holiday’s Resort

The vacancy refers to a very pleasant and varied job. The employee will be deployed three days a week, along with an entire team, to perform a variety of jobs at the resort’s various catering locations.

On all other days, the employee will clean the resort rooms when guests check out.

During the shift you will be assigned these tasks:

– Restoration activities.

– Cleanup.

The working period is, in principle, the holiday season and generally runs from the beginning of April to the end of August.


Salary: €12.10/hour.

After three months worked there is an increase to €12.50/hour.

Accommodation within the resort at a reduced price.

If you work well, a permanent contract with Roompot is certainly possible.



– Command of the English language.

– Flexibility regarding employability (different jobs and locations in/near the park)

– Understand that HOSPITALITY is the key to Roompot’s success.