Manuel’s Story

There are times when life asks us for a 360-degree change. This is what happened to Manuel, who, interested in working abroad and starting a new life there, decided to live his work experience with TenS Holanda. Today we tell you the story of him!

After working extensively as a lawyer in Portugal, Manuel decided to take on an entrepreneurial and determined character and turn his life around. Manuel is a person of great ambition, very versatile and clearly motivated by the industrial sector. So, knowing the experience of some friends who work with TenS Holland and having already visited the country, he decided to embark on this adventure and thus get to know the sector from the inside.

Taking as a reference the experience of his colleagues, Manuel was calm, he had the desire and above all the interest, because Manuel has an immense vocation for the knowledge of the sector and the increase of production. Knowing this, TenS Holland was able to provide him with a job where he could function smoothly and be able to develop in this field.

When he arrived he was all fantastic, the country welcomed him with the same enthusiasm with which he arrived. So little by little he was calling for luck, and this quickly made him a group of friends with whom he now shares a home and numerous adventures. With them he is very comfortable with him, in fact it has allowed him to improve his level of Spanish. Also, he tells us they do a lot of things together, including occasional parties.

Explain that everything is going very well at work. He is honest with us and admits that it is difficult, but you gradually adapt and become very bearable and dynamic. Also for him it is very interesting thanks to his immense interest in this field, making every day an adventure and a new learning, which allows him to get to know the sector and the relationships between company and workers in depth, which he assures us are very nice.

Furthermore, Manuel has some days off and, without doubt, decides to take advantage of them. He tells us that he loves to take walks, visit places, play sports, meet people … And all this is reflected in his great love for photography.

In conclusion, even though he explains that he misses his daughters, Manuel is happy. You are living this experience as if it were a vacation to get to know each other and discover more of his passion. So much so that he plans to stay for a while and train at the University of Tilburg in this field. Noteworthy!

Manuel is certainly an example to follow and he gives us a very motivating and stimulating spirit. Eventually he achieved that productive happiness that he so desired. We are confident that he will continue to do so! And you? Would you like to have a similar experience? We will be happy to receive you so that you can experience the same opportunity as Manuel.